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dreamhost insanity day

The deal was – well – insanely good.

Unlimited storage and traffic, 1 domain name (plus all the extras) for two years. If you inserted 202 as promo code you would get a final price of 11USD.

I was lucky enough to get an update from Pedro while dreamhost was working and got a great deal. Even got a new domain name I was looking for:! Yay! I had to use Google Checkout to buy as the website was not very stable and I didn’t want to risk it with a credit card transfer.

As one would expect *not* was down for most of the day after the news started spreading on twitter. Dreamhost guys called that sluggish!? A hosting company website down by self DoS attack? As Alanis Morrissette would say “isn’t that ironic?”

The only thing visible thing that dreamhost did to change this was change the price to 22USD. Whoever decided that is clearly not the brightest crayon in the box. A hosting company is about having a stable service. You never charge different prices for the same service in the same day. If you want to do an insane promo, be prepared. Is it that hard to come up with a way to get the same (or more) customers without having your website on his knees and old customers leaving your service??

Final Considerations: How many cancelled their subscriptions paying 10USD a month for this deal? How much of a money loss will that represent for dreamhost? Is this a clear sign of a urgent need for income? Is it just insanity? How much money did Google made on this (1USD per transfer)? How many new domains were registered today?


IBM DB2 Express-C em versão mac

DB2 for Mac

DB2 for Mac

É oficial. A versão GRÁTIS do DB2 está disponivel para download para mac.

Acabaram-se as desculpas do não quero outra maquina virtual para correr isso, nem sequer experimento.

Eu sei que sou suspeito para falar já que faço parte da equipa DB2. A análise que vou aqui fazer é muito influenciada pelo meu dia a dia no trabalho mas o que escrevo aqui é a minha opinião pessoal .

A IBM não trabalha no DB2 para pessoas como nós que têm uns sites jeitosos com alguns milhares de hits diários (com sorte). Eles fazem isto para aguentar soluções de escala gigante, algumas com standards pesados em  XML de agências governamentais, financeiras, health-care, etc, que transaccionam quantidades enormes de informação diáriamente. Essas empresas não só tem que minar os dados como fazer queries sobre eles de uma forma bastante intensiva. Estou a falar das maiores empresas americanas, e não o digo decor. Ouvi-o da boca de DBAs da Merrill Lynch, Barclays, ONU, Morgan Stanley, etc.. Que tem eles em comum? Todos eles usam DB2 e estão interessados em usar as funcionalidades XML do produto.

Já agora ninguém confia que seja possivel ter performance em XML certo? Bem a IBM tem pessoas inteligentes (como eu, lol) a trabalhar em tornar isso possivel. Deixo este link para vos aguçar o apetite. Claro que a performance não será a mesma que SQL mas comparado com os parsers xml que andam a usar… eheh. Exprimentem. :P

Como já descrevi o cliente normal do DB2 é facil constactar que não é feito para vender a José, ao Joaquim. Nem sequer a pequena empresa da Josefina. A versão Express-C é gratís para todos por isso mesmo. As limitações são um máximo de 16Gb de ram e 4 processadores na maquina.

Se isto parece razoavel:

DB2 for Mac Download

DB2 for Mac Download

Depois contem como correu e se precisarem de umas dicas podem sempre entrar em contacto.

Footnote: Para os interessados se estão a desenvolver algo com um standard xml estranho  a probabilidade desse standard ser suportado pela ibm é grande e pode ser consultado aqui.

RSA Encrypt & Decrypt in ruby

Well I finished the encrypt with RSA on ruby some hours ago and felt like sharing :)

Case you feel like doing something back for me just download the latest release of my beta twitter client and send me some comments to my email. It’s pretty hard to test something when my environment is completely contaminated !

require 'openssl'
require 'Base64'

class Rudolph
  class Crypt
    def initialize data_path
      @data_path = data_path
      @private   = get_key 'id_rsa'
      @public    = get_key ''

    def encrypt_string message

    def decrypt_string message
      @private.private_decrypt Base64::decode64(message)

    def self.generate_keys data_path
      rsa_path = File.join(data_path, 'rsa')
      privkey  = File.join(rsa_path, 'id_rsa')
      pubkey   = File.join(rsa_path, '')
      unless File.exists?(privkey) || File.exists?(pubkey)
        keypair  = OpenSSL::PKey::RSA.generate(1024)
        Dir.mkdir(rsa_path) unless File.exist?(rsa_path), 'w') { |f| f.write keypair.to_pem } unless File.exists? privkey, 'w') { |f| f.write keypair.public_key.to_pem } unless File.exists? pubkey

    def get_key filename, 'rsa', filename))

Rudolph – Yet another Twitter client

I felt like trying the Shoes framework. Here are the results so far. When I get some free time I’ll try to post some guidelines to do something like this.



Apache CouchDB

It’s official. yey! Great news :) 

Damien’s post.

NYU visit to hawthorn

I had to pleasure to be one of the hosts for NYU group visit in Hawthorn. The students were very lucky and got to see really good talks. Robert Morris presented explained why services are so important for IBM and how research applies to business. It was really an excellent spontaneous talk and it was to bad he didn’t stick around so I could talk to him about it. Then they got to see talk on Stream Processing and how to manage real time processing and analysis for quantities of data that are possible considered impossible to handle by most common people. I also managed to see Grady Booch for the first time, in second life. He also gave an great talk about the beauty of software ( and showed the potential of second life for this kind of event. By then both Robert and Grady had my curiosity set on the future in what concerns intellectual property but I guess that’s not a good subject for showing IBM to graduate students :) eheh. It finished in beauty  with Laxmi talking about the famous Genographic Project ( For those who still don’t know the genographic project is a joint venture between IBM and National Geographic where they try to find out more about the history of migrations using DNA. Cool!! The social aspect was also really important and I think students were happy with the feedback we gave them about IBM. By the way the lack of blog posts is mostly because Twitter is taking over all my blog post that can fit in under one hundred and something chars.


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