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xForms Example (CSS)

Sample Xforms Application using cssSo here comes my first ever XForms sample. If you are interested in testing them out I’ll have to give you some pointers. First off all your browser probably can’t render XForms. So you need to find a specific add-on for your browser to make it work. As this XForms where made in Mozilla Firefox with this add-on I strongly recommend that you use it to get the same results. This is not my fault, XForms is not as mature as HTML or CSS and therefor these things tend to happen. You will see what I’m talking about when I get to the Know Issues! :PNow two short notes:

  • For the load/save button to work you will need to change the path in the code. Just look for xforms:submission and replace the filepath for the one in your computer.
  • You need to comment what’s between this for the load button to work. Why? The bind is interfering with the instance replace. How do you fix it? If i knew I would have. I think that when I do remove the bind and add the schema this behavior will be fixed..

<!– remove this lines to erase load bug. Using a schema will fix this –><!– EOB: End of bug –>

Credits for the icons go to famfamfam.Here is the list of known issues (any help is welcome):

  • Not binded to the schema. That’s because I’m lasy and METS is hard work.
  • xforms:select1 won’t hide the scroll on overflow:hidden. I’m not sure this is my responsibility as the add-on doesn’t represent a full XForms implementation.
  • Submission not implemented. That was really not the point.
  • Submission button is relevant when no authorid or workid is given. Anyone?
  • Can’t style ‘add’ and ‘remove’ trigger differently from the other xforms|trigger. I tried creating a class for them having as result a weird inverted triagle. To replicate this bug you need to find a trigger and add style=”border:100px;”.

For now: that’s all folks! Have a nice week.


Comments on: "xForms Example (CSS)" (5)

  1. ilango gurusamy said:

    Your example proved just right for me. In particular I tried using an image for my Delete triggers. But strangely the image won’t load.

    Should I post my code snippet or should I send you my source?


  2. Hi, This is excellent example. thanks once again for providing this example

  3. Thank you, this has been very useful.

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