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Problemas com a bateria do MacBook

Acabadinho de vir da garantia, onde passou um mês para trocarem a board sem que tenham conseguido resolver nenhum dos outros problemas que indiquei.

Olhem para a bateria e digam-me se isto é normal:

The mona Lisa


Skitch Invites (Mac OS X only)

I have been receiving some emails asking me how do I create these images. Well I use Skitch, which is one of my favorite Mac OS X apps (along with Books, Textmate and iSync). Unfortunately it’s still invite only.

Anyway if your interested in giving Skitch a try just leave a comment in this post, and I’ll send it to the email you provided as soon as possible.

Howto: Change folder icon in Leopard

Copy the icon you want to use (PNG), browse to the folder you want to change the icon.

Now select it and press command + I. Now select the folder and press command + V to paste the icon.

There’s something in the air

A razão pela qual nem comentei o MacBook Air prende-se com o facto de ter enjoado o dito portátil em poucas horas. Não porque o seu design não seja incrivelmente apelativo, nem porque despreze a obra de engenharia que foi conseguida. Enjoei porque toda-a-gente falou do MBA e não conseguia ler sobre outros assuntos, por muito que tentasse. Foi o aparecer de um novo caso, da dimensão do da Madeleine/Casa Pia/Insira-o-que-quiser, no mundo cibernético. E o meu leitor de feeds parecia a TVI.

De qualquer forma houve algo que me chamou a atenção. Isto para além do óbvio: Um preço exorbitante e o teclado preto.

Cabos não incluidos? Nesse caso acho que vai haver muita gente a comprar este cabo. Realmente não imagino um gravador/leitor de CDs/DVDS por wireless mas isto é um cabo Steve.

Se quiseres que dê um jeito e crie este dispositivo mas sem fios, envia um MBA para minha casa e eu vejo o que se pode fazer.

Screencast app for Mac OS X Leopard

I’m looking for the best screencast software (sound recording is a must have) to run on my MacBook.

So far I found the following software:

From what I have read so far it seems iShowU gathers most of the preferences. But when a app is prefixed by an i mac users seem to love it immediately.

Anyone tried any of these products? What are your thoughts on them? Which one would you advice me to use?

[EDIT: Currently I have tested most of these products and I’m using iShowU and KeyCastr]

MacBook OS X Leopard Tips: Controlling the fan speed with Fan Control

I use my computer for something like 6 hours a day so it’s bound to get hot. I didn’t like the apple scheme for the fans that consists basically in making no noise until it’s hot and then make a lot of it.

So I looked for a open-source application to help me control the fan rpm and found Fan Control. I wouldn’t even post this if not for one simple fact: The source is included in the dmg file. Good job guys!

Mac OS X Leopard Tips: Change your home directory to a different partition

Here’s something that I thought would give me some headaches. Well guess what I was wrong once again. I’m quite used to this by now so it’s actually fun. I’m sorry to be bothering you with all this Mac OS trash but I like to keep my stuff documented and this is a excellent way of doing so while helping other people.

If you are reading this I assume you want to change your Leopard home directory to somewhere else. So you can start by clicking on the apple on the top left screen and then select System Preferences. Browse to Account and ctrl + click your account to select Advanced Options. There you can change your home directory to wherever you please. Restart and you are ready to go.

Changing your home directory – or any of that other advanced options values – can have some nasty effects on your Leopard. I’m assuming you are an advanced user and familiarized with all the stuff the advanced options window.

If this is not the case and you are considering doing this anyway I’ll leave you with a piece of advice my grandma could have given to me – she actually never did so I have ruined my fair share of computers. And phones. And Playstations. I’ll better stop this list here for my own sake.

Anyway that advice is (should have been): if you don’t know what it is, don’t change it. If you want to change it: learn what it is, how it works, and then you can do what you please. And ruin the computer anyway. But only because you wanted to.