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Some photo updates

Portugal at MoMa

Portugal at MoMa

No new years eve photos are online (yet). But if you feel like checking Christmas, Tony’s Birthday After-Party and a nice Manhattan party you can check those links.

For all my readers (Hello mom,  hows google translator working out for you?) I wish you all a great new year. I would wish the same to non-readers but hey I guess it doesn’t make sense as you won’t read it!

Happy new year.


From Ubuntu/Windows to Mac OS-X Leopard

I just got my first brand new MacBook and, as one would expect, some problems emerged by leaving my usual OS combo (Ubuntu/Windows) for Mac OS X Leopard. I’m still undecided whether to install Ubuntu or use VMWare Fusion to use Linux. As for Microsoft Windows as long as I don’t need to use .NET I don’t think I’ll install it. Not even with the free licenses Microsoft provides University of Minho students.

First I had to decide what to install:

The question you are probably asking is why Firefox instead of Safari!? Because the damn unsafe add-on for is just that:! I just can’t live without it. Maybe if the guys over there worked the basics of security we could say that it’s both excellent and safe! And don’t say there’s a add-on for Safari as well. I’ll only accept it if the add-on is as good as the one provided by Yahoo.

Now we go for the fun part. The problems and solving them. Your attention please, this is only fun for me when I do it on my computer so it won’t be pleasure if you ask me to fix your computer! Joana this one is for you, I know how your mind thinks.. Almost as badly as mine. Oh well, we are related aren’t we? :\ Please release those crazy Christmas photos to the world! :X

I’ll start with a small OS free tip and then go for the Q/A part. If you are Portuguese like myself you just hate all the results that google gives you from .br domains. Most of the results are overrated and most of the times you just wish that they weren’t there. If this is the case just do your normal search in google but write -br in the end. Just test this, go to google and type governo brasileiro -br. It works ;)

  1. How do I get my mouse to behave like a normal one by removing this dreadful acceleration?

    Easy. Check Rúben’s blog @

  2. What’s wrong with the encoding on TextEdit? The automatic descovery does not work and even when I specifically tell him to use this encoding it won’t work. The Where is ISO 8859-15 dilemma.

    Still don’t know. Anyone? If you want to test the bug just do this (from here):

    $ echo é > ~/a.txt
    $ cat ~/a.txt
    Open a.txt with TextEdit and get:

    Cracked it! At least I have a partial fix for Migrating documents from Ubuntu to Mac OS X Leopard:

    cmd + space terminal enter

    {go to the directory where the file is}

    bash$ iconv -f ISO-8859-15 -t UTF-8 {filename} > UTF8-{filename}

    For me it was:

    bash$ iconv -f ISO-8859-15 -t UTF-8 Pam.tex > UTF8-Pam.tex

    And yes PAM is as in Pluggable Authentication Modules. So I have a latex work on that :P

  3. Where is type-a-name application? It’s not on the dock.

    Just press cmd + space and type what you are looking for. This is called spotlight. Either this or open Finder and go to applications.

  4. Why doesn’t it show my dashboard when I go to the left/whatever corner?

    Have you even configured your mac? Common.. Click the apple on the top left corner and go to System Preferences. Exposé and Spaces. And now that you are there take a look around and configure all the other things that you neglected.

  5. This computer is always underlining the words in red. (when the spelling is right :P If not you are a dumbass for asking this!)

    Just press cmd + mouse and change the language. Thanks Nuno Veloso from Apple Tech Team for this tip.

  6. How can I see the right mouse button menu?

    crtl + mouseclick

  7. PageUp/PageDown!?

    fn+ up
    fn + down

If after this you still feel like reading about Mac OS for rookies – like myself – you can check this section in Arun Gupta’s Blog or check this extensive list of Keyboard Shortcuts. Have fun!

Now let’s get back to work, something almost impossible when your doing a report on LaTeX and the encodings are never right.

One final touch: ctrl + alt + cmd + 8. Merry Christmas! :)

Como começar um email?

Estou a pensar em criar uma nova palavra para o dicionário Português. Estou farto de dizer bom dia e ter sempre alguém a avisar-me que já passa um minuto do meio dia.

Vamos lá criar uma palavra que resuma o “Bom dia”, o “Boa tarde” e o “Boa noite”, mas tudo num só. E quando escrevemos um email? Dizemos o que?

Por fim deixo-vos o Tufão Manuel Job Pinto, gato que inclusivamente já mereceu uma ode e tem um desenho animado em sua honra.


Com a característica madeixa no cabelo, Tufão é ao mesmo tempo um herói e um testemunho da sua geração…

Family Stuff

Long, long time ago, while having a family lunch at francesinhaspontocome someone (probability Joana) left the cam recording on the table while Ricardo spoke his mind about blockbuster animation film “Chicken Run“. This is considered a pearl amongst the family, as he impersonates a chicken featured on the movie. And the earring, priceless!!

Oh, don’t mind his big nose, it runs in the family..

To whom it might concerns (that is, no-one) , this apparently useless and funny young man now studies architecture in a Portuguese University. Maybe someday you will be going into your new house and then see designed it. Damn that can’t be good!