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Lego Mac Pro

Não gosto muito de usar o meu blog para fazer simples foward de um artigo de outro estáminé. Para isso uso o botão share no google reader. (caso me queiram adicionar a lista de amigos, o meu email está aqui)

Mas desta vez não consigo resistir. É que este post no blog da MAKE deixou-me com um sorriso parvo na cara de achar a ideia de fazer um caixa com lego tão fixe. E claro, tinha que ser um mac! Faz-me lembrar dos projectos insanos do Anders como montar um PC numa banheira e por-lo a correr mergulhado em óleo. Até partilhava o link mas não me lembro bem o nome que ele deu ao vídeo no youtube. (Anders where’s the video of the PC you assembled on a bathtub? Because of you this is now the worse post in the history of internet.)

Para que este artigo não seja completamente inútil partilho também que vi que existem empresas que contratam especialistas com legos, especialmente pessoal que trabalha com os technics. É um skill porreiro para fazer protótipos. Na Bang & Olufsen usam lego para a simular a mecânica do prototipo e flash/director para a demonstração interactiva do dispositivo.

Fica a imagem e o link para o artigo original.

Lego Mac Pro 2

Lego Mac Pro 2


Travelling will change you

I just felt like sharing two things. A thought, and a video.

First the thought. The gift of our generation as is globalization. Don’t waste it. Use it at your own advantage. So go visit the world. Meet great people (1, 2). Try new things. Learn things from different cultures. Be silly. Enjoy yourself.

Each day I feel more eager about taking a next step. And each day I try to anticipate the next one so I’ll be ready when the time comes. What should I learn? What do I feel like doing next? Where can I do the most impact to help myself and others, while enjoying myself? (No Anders, not in that way… Go sit in the corner)

It’s up to you to make things happen and whoever keeps saying you can’t. Well, tell them to fuck off. You can, just try hard enough. It always worked for me and I’m just some average guy from some university lost in the north of corruption paradise.

As responses to my question this is what I figured out. I want to be somewhere where I can do what I’m excited about 100% of the time (so googles out, they only do 20% time. And they seem to be on low wages) I choose the place were I’ll be doing my internship based on the assumption and really think I made the right choice :) But I’ll report on that as soon as I start on October 6th.

Now, the video. This is Randy Pausch. Randy was a excellent teacher that achieved everything he wanted from life (ie). He gave a course (and later a masters) that was similar to what Peter tried to do in CD-DIP Summer School. Very inspiring life story. Kudos to him.

Ralph Wiggum

While in Denmark I had the privilege to know many interesting people. One of those, Anders, is a real head case (like myself). In his Easter holidays he produced this video where he found all the quotes in episodes of the Simpsons that are included in Bloodhound Gang’s Ralph Wiggum song. Ralph was always my favorite Simpsons character, but I guess I’m not alone :P Now, be amazed.

By the way. What’s your favorite Simpsons character? :)

CDDIP 08 – Innovation Camp – First Week in Denmark


Pictures here. I´ll add some presentations and prototypes soon.