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No reason to disapear

Well ever since I started working time for my blog has been less. I really dislike that as this little corner gives me a lot of joy not only in the moment of writing but also for the great joy that is sharing information and enabling others to learn new and exciting technologies. That’s one of the things I want to talk about today. The power of sharing.

Last two weeks I was contacted by people (mostly experienced people) that were using either my k-anonimity algorithm or my open source online testing system. The fact that people are using my silly scripts is rewarding enough but the networking opportunities and being a person enabler is really what thrills me the most. It’s pleasant to see people overcome their difficulties, help them learn a new technology and then seeing the final result. I hope to continue receiving your kind emails about my work. I will always have 5 minutes to help.

I think that if you are a blogger but you don’t share what your doing your missing out. Your code will vanish into some CD or will just remain in some folder, buried forever. Let your code live. Let it enable others. Let it grow. In the meantime it will help you get wherever you want. Actually I got another exciting news just for sharing. But unfortunately I cant disclose them just yet. It involves being invited to help writing a free Ruby on Rails book. Sorry, had to say it :) How cool is that?

Actually, the most boring thing about working at large corporation is the fact that you cannot share what you do. It no longer belongs to you and even if it’s ok to share it you have to follow a complex process to get authorization to do so. So no one does! Everybody is waiting to sue so you simply can’t do things that you assume would be ok. Referring a copyright brand without referring that the brand belongs to x can cost the company a significant amount (and your job :P) and they simply can’t risk it. But oh well. The least you can say is that the good things cancel that out.

I have beenworking on DB2 and I’m widely surprised by the quality of the pureXML support and overall behavior of the solution. The lack of advertising and tools that IBM distributes with DB2 doesn’t give you the same amount of trust that other better advertised and with better tools databases do. But when you get down to business you will realize that DB2 and Oracle are on a league of their own. Just talking to the clients will make you realise that they buy because other databases can’t handle the amount of information. And if you do XML, for the next 6 months at least I’m sure that DB2 will be miles ahead. How much longer will it take for companies to realize that storing xml in clobs ain’t probably the best solution? Anwser: Not much…

Oh, final note! I finally picked the theme for my masters thesis. It will be about data mining in xml databases so if you feel like you have a nice tittle suggestion for it just leave it in the comment box. It will be greatly appreciated.


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