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METS Standard with IBM DB2 Express C using XForms as user-interface and Ruby on Rails as a Rest Web-services


Well, here is the long promised screen-cast. The amount of topics covered is simply huge. To get you ready for the screen-cast I prepared some other more introductory screen-cast as well as some articles on these subjects. I’m sorry that I don’t have the time to document the REST, but I really advice to invest some time learning it as it’s a very pragmatic way of delivering high quality web services.

I strongly advice you to download this screen-cast from rapidshare as both Youtube and Google Videos quality is really awful. You can download it from here.

This work was really fun to do. So I hope to have the opportunity to develop it further and manage nested rest routes like /mets/1/agents to return the agents of the first submission information package (sip) using some cool DB2 pureXML features. I really feel that with a good plugin to help users take full advantage of DB2 pureXML features and a little of imagination this web-service could be of some use.

I also expect to complete the xforms model as it is not indexing a fileptr to each category when such is selected. I hope to implement this soon enough.

Here are the associated resources I developed:

And here are the other two screencasts I produced to introduce you to XForms and METS:

I also advice you to take a look at this articles. All of them where very helpful to my work.


Featured DB2 Student Ambassador

Featured IBM DB2 Student Ambassador

I’m really happy to announce that I was selected as featured DB2 Student Ambassador on IBM website. I really would like to thanks Vítor Rodrigues for all the help, for being a my DB2 mentor and most of all a good friend! I also feel obliged to mention the work of the other DB2 Ambassadors that have helped to establish the first Portuguese DB2 Study Group. So Simão, Hélder, João, Nuno and Marcelo thank you :) Finally I would like to thank the support of CeSIUM and CAOS, two students organization that I am a part of and that provided the hardware and know-how that made the site, blog and DB2 server a reality.

I hope that with this many Portuguese students like myself see that your work can be recognized – even by industry leaders like IBM – if you just go the extra mile. So do it! It’s your life, live it to the the fullest.

Para ser grande, sê inteiro: nada
Teu exagera ou exclui.

Sê todo em cada coisa. Põe quanto és
No mínimo que fazes.

Assim em cada lago a lua toda
Brilha, porque alta vive

Ricardo Reis (Fernando Pessoa)

DB2 Express-C 9.5 Released

A new version of DB2 Express-C was made available by IBM today. As you might already know DB2 Express-C is a free dataserver without limits on database size or number of users.

We got this news from

You won’t find this new version on IBM DB2 Express-C Website, but you can download the Linux Version here and the Windows Version here.Mac version is still not available. This is probably the down side as many of us are waiting for IBM to ship a Express-C DB2 version for Macintosh. Hopefully next time?

I still didn’t tested the new DB2 but according to Antonio

Version 9.5 brings to the table a great deal of new enhancements and features. Among these there is also the reduced amount of memory requirements and the improved efficiency of operations on Linux. Oh and it will also make you rich and more beautiful. I mean, pureXML support has been greatly improved and it is a release that is sure to please many people on both Windows and Linux.

I know the t-shirt looks great. Hopefully Vítor will send me one! :P

IBM DB2 Student Ambassador

Andava a ver o blog o Celso Martinho com um artigo muito interessante sobre como fazer citações a partir de um blog para, por exemplo, usar num trabalho cientifico quando recebi um email que já esperava à algum tempo.

Foram anunciados os primeiros IBM DB2 Student Ambassadors Portugueses e, para minha felicidade, fui um dos escolhidos. Os outros dois representantes são o Hélder Pereira e o Simão Soares, sendo que a Universidade do Minho é a primeira a constituir um grupo deste tipo em Portugal.

Vai ser óptimo ter a oportunidade de trabalhar de perto com uma empresa como a IBM, especialmente quando os colegas que foram escolhidos são tão competentes. Novidades em breve.. :P

Para já, e para finalizar, a minha versão do que é um tesourinho deprimente.