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Life on the rails

I found Ruby in a talk with one of my friends. We were talking about how a problem that can be solved in Haskell in one line of code, could take hundreds to do so in Java or C#. It was obvious that, for some specific problems, Haskell was simpler and adequate.

Want a sample? Code permutation with n levels in C.

perms xs 0 = [[]]
perms xs n = [ p : ps | p <- xs, ps <- perms xs (n – 1)]

And like this he introduced me to Ruby on Rails. I was very thrilled to see a language that is dynamic, object oriented and adequate for web developing. I immediately thought about learning it, I just love learning new languages.

Today I checking my feeds and found a post about seven reasons to switch back to PHP (from Ruby).

It seems Ruby is like Haskell: the code looks greats and promises a lot, but it still doesn’t get where imperative languages do. (I’m still going to learn it, I just can’t resist it)

For now I’m waiting for a language that joins all that is good from imperative, functional, logic and object oriented paradigms.

If you know such programming language leave it as a comment.



PHP $61,000


Ajax $76,000


Ruby $70,000


Java $77,000


C# $78,000


Haskell $52,000


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Comments on: "Life on the rails" (2)

  1. como ja te disse essa função (perms) é brutal…

    deixo aqui mais uma outra para a solução do memso problema:

    perms [] = [[]]
    perms xs = [ x : ps | x <- xs , ps <- perms ( xs\\[x]) ]

    enfim… cada vez que vejo codigo assim fico a pensar porque motivo o Haskell ainda não deu o salto que o Ruby deu… por exemplo… enfim…

    forte abraço camarada Nuno Rookie :P

  2. […] Algumas das novidades do último semestre foram ter entrado no centro de apoio ao open-source do departamento de informática, ser eleito IBM DB2 Student Ambassador e ter entrado na melhor rede de bloggers de informática de portugal – Como projecto pessoal escolhi aprender – por sugestão do Ulisses Costa – Ruby & Ruby on Rails. […]

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