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Just a few days ago I was talking to a friend of mine completely astonished that he was using CVS at work. Not only he was using it, he was being taught how to use it. I told him about SVN existence and the fact that even though SVN (Subversion) was some kind of evolution on CVS it still sucked big time. I then showed him some of my projects on git and some popular website that make it easier to track your git repo. I went on trying to explain how much easier, more reliable and light git was and how it was a really wonderful piece of software for any developer. Open source does make the world a better place. What I had no clue about was that git was originally written by Linus Torvald. Really I had no idea until today when I found this talk on this old friend from


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  1. Why? Are you thinking about changing GIT code, selling it and not giving the changes to the costumer? For a library that you have to integrate on a product I can understand the “I can’t use it at work”, but for a tool you’re not thinking about selling?

    Also, remember you can change it and use it internally. You only have problems when selling it or providing a service over it without providing the source changes you made.

  2. Are you kidding me? “GPL stands for I can’t use it when I work.”? Git is merely a tool, not a library or piece of code that you’ll include in your work. Unless your work is all about extending git, you should have no problem of using it in your workspace.

  3. “GPL stands for I can’t use it when I work.”

    Uh?! And this is why exactly? GPL does not propagate when we’re talking about tools… if that was the case, then all software compiled with gcc would have to be GPL.

  4. Luís Miranda said:

    Sneaky edit :P

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