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About Nuno Job

I’m a graduate student from University of Minho currently attending a Masters degree on Software.

On my career I worked in New York at IBM Watson Research Center focusing mainly on pureXML; then moved to Toronto to work in a broader scope in the DB2 team. Now I am part of the MarkLogic family in San Carlos, California where I work with MarkLogic Server – the database of the future. (we even have a time machine)

I love technology but most of all being of the edge, finding new ways to do things. On this blog you will probably learn about my love for user interfaces, usability, web, design and software development.

On my free times there is nothing like a good wine, nice music and some great friends. I also enjoy sports, movies, travel and photography.

Disclaimer: This is my personal blog. All the posts in this blog are my own personal opinion and do not necessarily reflect my employeer’s opinion, positions or strategies. As a mather of fact all of that information is classified and I couldn’t disclose it even if I wanted to. So it makes no sense to assume that I speak in behalf of the company.

You can reach me at (gmail/msn/gtalk)


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