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dreamhost insanity day

The deal was – well – insanely good.

Unlimited storage and traffic, 1 domain name (plus all the extras) for two years. If you inserted 202 as promo code you would get a final price of 11USD.

I was lucky enough to get an update from Pedro while dreamhost was working and got a great deal. Even got a new domain name I was looking for:! Yay! I had to use Google Checkout to buy as the website was not very stable and I didn’t want to risk it with a credit card transfer.

As one would expect *not* was down for most of the day after the news started spreading on twitter. Dreamhost guys called that sluggish!? A hosting company website down by self DoS attack? As Alanis Morrissette would say “isn’t that ironic?”

The only thing visible thing that dreamhost did to change this was change the price to 22USD. Whoever decided that is clearly not the brightest crayon in the box. A hosting company is about having a stable service. You never charge different prices for the same service in the same day. If you want to do an insane promo, be prepared. Is it that hard to come up with a way to get the same (or more) customers without having your website on his knees and old customers leaving your service??

Final Considerations: How many cancelled their subscriptions paying 10USD a month for this deal? How much of a money loss will that represent for dreamhost? Is this a clear sign of a urgent need for income? Is it just insanity? How much money did Google made on this (1USD per transfer)? How many new domains were registered today?


Valid and Well-formed XML Documents in Ruby on Rails

If your working with DB2 on Rails you probably need to check if the xml document is – at least – well formed.

I found a neat plugin called validates-xml that uses REXML to see if documents are well formed.

To install it simply

svn co validates-xml-read-only

And copy that folder to vendor/plugins.

You can easily integrate schema validation with a validates_xml_with_schema method. But you should use REXML as it cames with the standard ruby bundle since version 1.8.

To use it simply restart your server and

validates_xml :xmldocument

That’s it!

Yet Another Ruby on Rails Web Application – Teaser