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Posts tagged ‘rss’ – The Travel Hat Journey Has Begun

So what is the travel hat?

It’s simple. It’s the unique hat of power – my precious – that travels all around the world. There are some simple rules. You are expected to try to give the hat as soon as possible, to a good friend in which you trust. That friend is expected to take it to a new city where the hat has never been before. Diversity is a major factor for the hat so it’s supposed to go to new and exciting places every time he travels. If you can you should choose for the diversity of the destination. Once reached that destination the search for a new owner begins.

This is still a alpha version so there are some known issues like the invalid rss feed (aka the nonexistent rss feed, because the stylesheet is still not implemented)

Upcoming Features:

  • Does not highlight current location.
  • Does not show total miles traveled.
  • Does not show total countries visited.
  • Does not list the nationalities that held the hat.
  • Stylesheet to create the feed from the XML file.
  • Administration system with db2 pureXML.
  • Improve (aka do some) webdesign.

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