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Worst movie ever.


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  2. I just seen this movie and I have never wanted to walk out of a movie so much in my life! I love Stephen king stuff but this just sucked! Dragged on too long and the acting was crap!! The characters are so annoying that I wanted to jump into the movie and kick there ass!! If you have seen it you know what I am talking about!! 2 thumbs down!!

  3. I totally agree, I made an imdb account just to say how much it sucked. Boy did I get flamed. I should have walked out, just like in dreamcatcher

    This movie was suspensful, scary, and in depth with ethics of present day humanity. Anyone who writes a bad review is probably an ignorant little kid who wets themselves during such movies. A++ two thumbs way up!!!

  5. It’s about ‘Hope’ and ‘Never give-up’ while the storytelling’s on the opposite way. Whether you like this movie or not, I still want to recommend this movie to watch to the end -unfortunately, my wife stopped to watch this movie at 2/3 and was kind of upset about it. Well, I like the kind of movie ‘Life is beautiful’ with bright, optimistic, and hopeful, but our real life has more gloomy and darker situation like this ‘Mist’. Two different movies, like a day and night, but I think the same subject ‘with HOPE, Never give-up’, that’s what we should have it.

  6. I am so happy to find so many people hated this movie as much as I did. I read reviews to bathe in communal hate, only to find that most people liked it. Found the ending movie. Before deciding to off myself in the face (like the ending, where they killed themselves out of fear of being killed), I decided to give life one more shot. So I googled “The Mist” “Worst movie ever.” Thank go things came up. Life is looking a lot clearer now. The mist has cleared and the humvie has made me happy for not shooting my precious child in the face. Damn god for this now eternal guilt!

  7. Grant when they killed the religious girl me and my friends started clapping and all the movie theater started laughing like crazy. No-one was even upset because everybody was so ANNOYED with that character.

    That’s how bad it was! The guys that say this movie is about hope. Get serious. Hope that the bees will attack? *g*

  8. Hehe :-) find it funny that the people who give this film a bad review do it because they found the characters annoying or they don’t agree with the storyline! well guess what! that’s film! you’re SUPPOSED to feel like you wanna slap the characters silly when theyt’re acting stupid, or you just can’t stand them, and you’re supposed to feel annoyed when the characters wants to kill themselves rather then being eaten… THAT is exactly what a moviemaker is looking for, THAT is what makes this type of movie brilliant, because it provokes a reaction! :-D my point being, if i ever see a film where everything i see is according to my own head, then i’ll just as soon go home an daydream :D money saved! KaChing!!! ;-) For the record? I loved the movie! :-) wish there was a series that could elaborate on the whole setting… :-)

  9. Robert said:

    It was terrible! The long dialogue and predictable arguing all the time. Some characters who didn’t stick to their personality types and did not behave as “real” people would in an extreme situation.

    Worst part? WAY too much coverage of the Bible thumping lady. They gave her way to much “airtime” and we had to listen to the evangelism over and over again, when we already got the point.

    Best part? When they shot her. I cheered and rewinded to watch it again and again, she was that annoying.

    Fast forward through most of the tedious long winded scenes.

    This was a slasher film that tired not to be one, but failed, and should have just stuck to slashing.

    Award goes to the insects for best performance in cast with nothing to work with.

  10. Patricio said:

    Best movie ever, an excellent finale rarely seen. Icredible how realistic they represent the reaction of people in a limit situation like that.
    If you are looking for some Rambo style-overpower-single man-killing everything that walks… this is NOT your movie.
    If you’d like to see a movie that feels real and human.. this is your movie..enjoy

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