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I have been receiving some emails asking me how do I create these images. Well I use Skitch, which is one of my favorite Mac OS X apps (along with Books, Textmate and iSync). Unfortunately it’s still invite only.

Anyway if your interested in giving Skitch a try just leave a comment in this post, and I’ll send it to the email you provided as soon as possible.


Comments on: "Skitch Invites (Mac OS X only)" (4)

  1. I read somewhere that Skitch had gone to public beta status.

  2. Well I still can invite you :P

    I don’t know if that’s the case, someone just asked me a invite by email. But maybe that person had read my previous blog post where I say it’s invite only.

    Thanks for the info. It is now a public beta :)

  3. Ned Selian said:

    An email invite would be amaxing. Thanks!

  4. I lost Skitch in an upload. Can you send me another invite??

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