nunojob:~ dscape/08$ echo The Black Sheep

Copy the icon you want to use (PNG), browse to the folder you want to change the icon.

Now select it and press command + I. Now select the folder and press command + V to paste the icon.


Comments on: "Howto: Change folder icon in Leopard" (14)

  1. It, works, you could simply just drag the png inte the “overview in info” on the folder you’d like to change icon on. However it doesn’t copy the thumbnail but the “PnG-File icon”

  2. it doesn’t works for me, can someone help me? I do it with .icns , .icn , .png notihng works

  3. It basically works for most of the common picture format, jpg or png. Unlike the Tiger,
    1. you have to turn on the picture with preview in Leopard,
    2. copy the picture by the shortcut key “cmd+c”
    3. “cmd+i” for the file/folder you want to change the icon.
    4. select the icon picture on the top left (the picture will surround by light blue when selected)
    5. “cmd+v” the icon picture.
    6. DONE!

    • Carlos M said:

      Thank you for this. I was braking my head, not knowing that Leopard was different.

  4. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!! A few other sites I found to help with this issue were anything but helpful — most were simply a forum to vent about Leopard’s boring icons.

    Thanks for getting straight to the point!!

  5. I tried this; it does not work. However, it is not clear what you mean by “turn on the picture with preview.” Could you explain?

  6. Try Litecon, it’s work great to change icon and folder

  7. Hey, what icon set you use for your folders? They look soo nice!

  8. Aqua Icon Pack for Mac OS X

    Downloaded it from official mac websitee on downloads section

  9. Lichtenstein said:

    Hey, what is the program that you use, that shows keyboard shortcuts for actions you do?

  10. the key for me was to open the file in preview then copy.

    if i opened it in photoshop or just tried to copy the filename i got the png icon or the correct image with a white background.

    for some reason you have to use preview

  11. Using Preview was the key for me as well.

  12. Yup, Preview is the way to go.

  13. Yeap,open in preview, select all, copy, and paste on get info panel. That worked fine for me.
    Thanks for sharing. First place on google :) CG

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