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The Rails Way

Livro novo para ler. Darei feedback quando acabar, estou bastante feliz por ter a oportunidade de o ler!

Rails is more than programming framework for creating web applications. It’s also a frame-work for thinking about web applications. It ships not as a blank slate equally tolerant of every kind of expression. On the contrary, it trades that flexibility for the convenience of “what most people need most of the time to do most things.” It’s a designer straightjacket that sets you free from focusing on the things that just don’t matter and focuses your attention on the stuff that does.
To be able to accept that trade, you need to understand not just how to do something in
Rails, but also why it’s done like that. Only by understanding the why will you be able to consistently work with the framework instead of against it. It doesn’t mean that you’ll always have to agree with a certain choice, but you will need to agree to the overachieving principle of
conventions. You have to learn to relax and let go of your attachment to personal idiosyncrasies when the productivity rewards are right.


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