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Jing is useless

I mean 57 views and my screen-cast is off line? File format sucks, they don’t support resizing the video (so it’s a 1280×800 movie!!!), and as they impose SWF file format – which is damn hard to convert as it’s not suitable for video by the way – I had to use the website. Some sites are not recommended for children. Well, is not recomended for anyone. It’s that bad.

The first time I needed to show the screen-cast to someone the bandwidth had already been exceeded. How can TechSmith make a industry leader like camtasia and then a flop like this?

Either way Skitch seems fun so I’ll be skitch-casting for now on!

This is my first one.

[EDIT: I have Skitch invites. Just drop a line in the comments if you want one]


Comments on: "Jing is useless" (1)

  1. Yes I used it too and it sucks.
    The videos are not smooth, it crashes and even for local filestorage it is totally useless.

    I’m still searching for a good windows alternative to screenshop pro x on mac.
    That one actually works!

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