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I’m looking for the best screencast software (sound recording is a must have) to run on my MacBook.

So far I found the following software:

From what I have read so far it seems iShowU gathers most of the preferences. But when a app is prefixed by an i mac users seem to love it immediately.

Anyone tried any of these products? What are your thoughts on them? Which one would you advice me to use?

[EDIT: Currently I have tested most of these products and I’m using iShowU and KeyCastr]

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  1. /me likes Screencast —

    Not too cheap, but quite good.

  2. After trying a few different apps I finally settled (and brought very quickly after trying it for only a couple of days) The application by The Araelium Group called screencast

  3. Jing seem good enouth. I don’t mind paying for the software with ads.

    For the price (free), simplicity and functionality it seems like a good choice :)

  4. Lee Hinman said:

    iShowU has been working great for me so far, Screen Mimic had really bad audio/video sync issues.

  5. Bob Muller said:

    Thanks for these tips. Can any of you tell me if these applications lead to readable text when posted, say, to youtube? I saw a readable youtube python tutorial where the guy said it was readable because he was using camtasia. Camtasia seems to focus (and enlarge) the part of the screen containing the mouse.

    Any of the above allow for that?

  6. Well for my last screencast, i tested mouseposé + iShowU.

    It seems a lot better than jing and stores movies as .mov.

    It seems like a very nice combo.

  7. You should add ViewletBuilder from Qarbon to your list.

    There is a new release scheduled for the end of January that will support sound.

  8. There is also screenflow (
    It offers good tools to edit the screencast you have done and tune it.
    Good tool

  9. Stephen Wiggs said:

    I am an experienced Camtasia user (supposedly it’s being ported to Intel OS X). But, recently I ran into a bunch of limitations (with current version) so I’ve been on the prowl.

    I downloaded ScreenFlow last week and I’m very impressed. It doesn’t have all the post-editing features that Camtasia does, but I expect to be importing .mov files into Final Cut, which has all of the features I’d need.

    I have SnapzProX, and until I saw ScreenFlow I thought it rocked. But, I also recently purchased MousePosé, but the combo has some issues. First, SnapzProX doesn’t capture my XP environment running via Parallels. Second, Camtasia doesn’t pick up the spotlight effect.

    On the contrary, ScreenFlow has the post-edit mouse spotlight feature…it totally rocks. It doesn’t have the same “window” attribute recognition on the Parallels windows as on the OS X windows, but I personally can get around that with Zoom (same process as Camtasia).

    Summary: my main recording target is XP. Camtasia is starting to be limiting. I am seriously considering using OS X and running ScreenFlow to do all of my recording. I’ll do initial editing in Screenflow, and when required import this into Final Cut (studio, probably) for any final fancy effects, etc.

    Good luck with your book. — sw

  10. I’ve tried every solution in the list above at one time or another. Sadly each solution is shy of being the all-around perfect screen capture offering.

    I recently tried an app called ScreenFlow. I’ve been impressed. Screen flow bundles many features lacking in other solutions. It’s only great shortcoming is the inability to export directly to a .swf or .flv. ScreenFlow Information Page

    TechSmith’s “Jing” is a very nice beta. It’s not the best solution out there but does offer native .flv and .swf format support.

    Snapz Pro is the dinosaur of screen capturing utilities. The guys at ambrosia told me they’re working on the next version, which will have .swf and .flv support. Though they said it will be a while before they’ve completed development.

  11. I suggest you strike through Jing Project until it supports the current version of OS X Leopard, 10.5 :(

  12. […] of the first pages you’ll find if you google “screencast mac os x” is here. This is a pretty good, if already dated, overview. The author concludes by saying he (?) has […]

  13. Isn’t there a good tool where I can capture a video of my screen AND insert/edit textboxes/infolayer informations afterwards ? Sometimes audio capturing is just not enough for helping screencasts. :-(

  14. Is there any reason why screenflow isn’t compatible with older macs though? why can’t they do a pre-leopard version…

    Jing is good but doesn’t allow export in movie format which is a shame.

  15. It seems Screencast has been replaced by Screenflick, or it has been renamed so.

  16. have you not looked at Apple’s solutions ??
    Have you looked at PodcastProducer??

    rgds Dave

  17. What about CaptureIt!

    I haven’t tested it but was searching for apps this evening and thought it would be good to add to the list.

  18. Nice post with very interested links ;)

    So far, I’ve been using Snapz Pro X with Mouseposé 3. I intend to do the integration in Final Cut Express.

    It is in fact the combination used by Don Mc Allister on He actually has a webcast in his archive showing and explaining the tools he uses for his webcast.



  19. I have just downloaded Wirecast from Telestream and am using their Desktop Presenter to live screencast my desktop activity. Telestream is pricey relative to the apps suggested above, but less expensive than Tricaster or Adobe’s Flash Encoder.

    I’ll update as I have more details.

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