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First of all my phone sucks. I’m aware.

And when i opened iSync for the first time and saw that it wasn’t supported I was really piss*d off. I wasn’t worried about contacts – even thought it’s nice to know that if I loose my cellphone I’ll still have them – but I really needed the integration with iCal/dashboard.

I googled it and found a lot of hand-crafted solutions that I don’t think are suited the general public. Luckily someone thought of this and made a easy to install plugin to make iSync capable of synchronizing with Nokia 5300. Interested? Let’s go:

Close iSync. Download this and the unzip it to ~/Library/PhonePlugins/.

That’s it. The next time you open it you’ll be able to sync with your (not) favorite phone. Credits go to Erka, the author of this plugin.


Comments on: "Mac OS X Leopard Tips: iSync plugin for Nokia 5300" (17)

  1. Olha, usa Windows. :)


  2. Hey thanks for posting that 5300 info. Worked beautifully. I too use iCal w/ my Nokia. Am curious though, how do you use your phone w/ dashboard (or vice versa)? I’m intrigued…

  3. iCal is automatically showed in dashboard’s calendar :)

  4. The program didn’t work with my 5300 from T-Mobile. I kept getting an error that stated “Please verify the identification strings in the edit view. Here are the identification information retrieved for this device:” repeated over a dozen times. It would have been nice if it worked.

  5. […] but they didn’t seem to work for me (or I was just to lazy). Anyway, I found a working plugin here (the credits go to erka). Tags: Apple, mobilephones, technology Filed under: the apes things […]

  6. Do you know if this will work with Panther?
    I am running 10.3.9 and it doesn’t appear to be working. I can only assume it is due to a difference in operating system. Any input ?

  7. I don’t know cory.

    I’m on leopard and never used panther

  8. gennaro de pandi said:


  9. worked for me. Thanks!

    -nokia 5300 from tmobile, MAC OSX 10.5.6

  10. Thank you for the post, dude! This worked like a charm on my macbook running 10.5.6 with my Nokia 5300.
    Some pointers to clarify things:
    – You have to create the folder called ‘PhonePlugins’ if it already does not exist in the ‘Library’ folder located in your home folder.
    – If you unzip into the ‘Phones’ folder located in ‘Library’, it will not work.
    – Don’t forget to copy the entire content including the directory that is created when you double click on the zip file i.e. drag and drop the folder named ‘Nokia-5300.phoneplugin’ into the ‘~/Library/PhonePlugins’ folder

  11. Thanks! worked like a charm

  12. It works with snow leopard (10.6.1). Thanks – great job!

  13. thank you so much! I’ve been looking for this fro a long time and all i found before is useless stuff

    thanks taz and martin. first i didn’t find the Phoneplugins folder but then you explained it in your comment.
    i also have snow leopard and don’t know if it’ll work or not.

  14. Hey! This is pretty cool! Thanks!

  15. Justin Haiu said:

    worked perfectly – thanks for the clarification Taz.

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