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I have relatives from Macau and this year they brought a 128GB pen for friend of theirs. It costs something like 15 euros over there. Yes, I already asked for one. :)

Anyway the problem emerged when his friend tried to use the pen in Windows. That didn’t work as the pen was with same strange Chinese based file system. To fix this in Leopard just go to:

  • Finder -> Applications -> Utilities -> Disk Utility

Now format that with a MSDOS FAT file-system. Format the whole pen not just a partition. That’s all folks.

[EDIT: After testing the pen can’t handle the 128GB so it’s a false alarm. You can check for a nice link in the comments regard this scam. My uncle won’t be very happy about this :P If you wan’t to fix the pen and restore it to it’s original size you should read this forum thread]


Comments on: "Formatting a 128GB PEN-DRIVE from China" (9)

  1. worth saying that 128Gb is not exactly the same as 128GB. I’ve heard about those pen drives and from what I could find out they are not more and a traditional chinese scam because they are 16GB pen drives (128Gb/8=16GB) and they tend to make your life miserable when you copy big files into them. Still, if they do come out to be 100% functional 16GB pen drives I guess they are worth those 15€ :)

  2. It’s a 128GB Pen.

    So it was in my front and I formatted the pen.
    GHCi$ map (toChar) [42,103,42]

  3. You can use concatMap if you have problems reading that.

  4. Thanks for the link.

    The pen ain’t mine I just took care of the format but at least I wont ask for one :P

  5. Thank god you where quick to ammend your post and your comment to Nelson Silva!!!

    I think someone punk’d themselves badly…

  6. One should recognize his errors and fix them :)

    I was upset with the fact that someone implied that I didn’t know what bits and bytes are. Common do you think I’m stupid! (please don’t awnser that… really!)

    But that’s it :) I still haven’t tested the pen to see what is the real storage size but it’s a scam and not a 16GB pen. From the comment I had so far I think it’s probably something like 1GB.

    Thanks for the comment Paulo.

    Happy holidays!

  7. hi frnd!
    i read abt 128gb chinese scam.may be my problem is similar.i hav 20gb kingston chinese pen drive.whenever i copy data, plug out and plug in again.the data is converted into symbols or simply lost.whether it is a file system problem.plz reply for solution.

  8. Hi Rahul.
    Most Probably your pen drive has bad sectors.
    Else virus.

    Scan it.

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