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As you might as well have seen in my previous post I have recently joined daily blog posting service. However I’m not very happy with it, specially with the security.

If you use my computer to browse the web, go to and then click in settings -> daily blog posting will see the following page: security


AMinhaPassword stands for My Password in Portuguese. In this place used to be the actual password that I use on my blog. I cannot understand how a service as big as can:

  1. Store my password as plaintext!
  2. They actually show the password to ANYONE that uses my computer.

I have already emailed the a complaint but have received no response so far. I know that you have to be logged in for this error to emerge but almost every user uses the firefox add-on provided by yahoo, so we are always logged on!


Comments on: " security (or lack of it)" (2)

  1. Hello Nuno,

    Well, they have to store in in plaintext or some form of encryption that they can have read access to (which leads to basically the same), or they couldn’t have access to your blog.

    You could install a plugin on your blog that converts the rss feed into blog posts.

  2. It’s not necessary that they keep my password on their database. At least in my opinion this should not be the way of doing this things in a company like

    They could contact wordpress and integrate, in some way, the services so that they could post without using my personal password.

    I cannot install any plugin because I use to store my website. I know I could easilly change this but I’m quite happy with the service. I’m unhappy with and not wordpress.

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