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Well i have been using Netbeans IDE Beta 1 for some time now.

I was using it to develop some Ruby on Rails projects. Some days ago I was in cryptography classes and tried to use the Apache Tomcat support for the Netbeans Beta 1. As I found out there was some bug in my way I decided to download the new RC2 and see if the issue got fixed in the meanwhile.

That when I first tried to uninstall Netbeans Beta 1. I got this error and still don’t know how to fix it. So I submitted it to Netbeans Community as a bug.

Anyone with the same problem got it fixed?

[UPDATE: Solution here]

I know that I have recently said that Netbeans has the best support to work on Ruby on Rails. It does. But just don’t use the beta. It’s crappy. If your on 512mb of RAM like me your computer will hate Netbeans Beta. I don’t even know if they will ever get this fixed. (Maybe a lightweight version of Netbeans is in order)

Is there such thing as the perfect IDE? We should be focusing on developing not on the IDE.


Comments on: "Netbeans 6 RC2 Uninstallation Issue" (1)

  1. Considering that you’re running Vista, those 512MB are being eaten by the operating system. Try it on XP, Mac OS X or Linux with exactly the same amount of RAM and you’ll see some speed increase.

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