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DB2 Express-C 9.5 Released

A new version of DB2 Express-C was made available by IBM today. As you might already know DB2 Express-C is a free dataserver without limits on database size or number of users.

We got this news from

You won’t find this new version on IBM DB2 Express-C Website, but you can download the Linux Version here and the Windows Version here.Mac version is still not available. This is probably the down side as many of us are waiting for IBM to ship a Express-C DB2 version for Macintosh. Hopefully next time?

I still didn’t tested the new DB2 but according to Antonio

Version 9.5 brings to the table a great deal of new enhancements and features. Among these there is also the reduced amount of memory requirements and the improved efficiency of operations on Linux. Oh and it will also make you rich and more beautiful. I mean, pureXML support has been greatly improved and it is a release that is sure to please many people on both Windows and Linux.

I know the t-shirt looks great. Hopefully Vítor will send me one! :P


Comments on: "DB2 Express-C 9.5 Released" (2)

  1. Hehe… actually, I whore mine yesterday :-) When I get back to San Jose I’ll ask around if we still have any.

  2. That’s impossible, right!? Macs never used to be anywhere like that. I am aged enough to remember the very first one that even had input support and two clicks buttons, nevermind all this fancy stuff they have.

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