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Twine it!

One of presentations that captured more buzz at the Web 2.0 Summit was Twine. Well, according to Radar Networks

Twine is unique because it understands the meaning of information and relationships and automatically helps to organize and connect related items. Using the Semantic Web, natural language processing, and artificial intelligence, Twine automatically enriches information and finds patterns that individuals cannot easily see on their own. Twine transforms any information into Semantic Web content, a richer and ultimately more useful and portable form of knowledge. Users of Twine also can locate information using powerful new patent-pending social and semantic search capabilities so that they can find exactly what they need, from people and groups they trust.

The concept seems very interesting for a computer science nerd like me. But if you also feel like taking a look you can read radar networks article or O’Reilly Radar coverage on this presentation (in this one you can see some previews of twine).

I just wished I could do this for a living.


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