nunojob:~ dscape/08$ echo The Black Sheep

I use RocketDock (the single greatest piece of software ever, after all the others) to keep my apps organized. I cannot afford to have a mac so this is my way of doing this. In the dock I have access to the recycle bin and, therefor, I have no use for the standard icon on the desktop. Worse, it annoys the hell out of me. So I did a search if the good guys from Microsoft had a solution for this problem.

Well just wanted to let you know I found it..

Kidding, the solution to this is to create one file named Hide Recycle Bin.reg. Now insert this text in the file you created.

Now double click it and your good to go. In case you feel like having the old icon back, create another file and name it Show Recycle Bin.reg. Write this there and the run it.

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