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Joost is now a public

I was one of the beta testers for Joost. It used to be invite only.

What the hell is Joost right? Joost is an application that intends to create a new type of television, Internet Television. You can select the show you want to see and it will be buffered into your computer. So anytime you feel like watching your favorite series you just have to enter Joost and select it. And it’s free.

I remember to be astonished the first time I opened it but with time the lack of good quality shows and live features turned me away from it. If they put all Scrubs & The Simpsons episodes in there, I’ll certainly change my mind.

Anyway good news for all of you who never saw it. Now you can try Joost.

I like The Really Terrible Film Channel. It is described as the home of misunderstood movies who are so bad, that they are actually good! You should give it a go if you have nothing else useful to do with your time (hurray!? :P)

Be surprised!

Joost™ the best of tv and the internet

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