nunojob:~ dscape/08$ echo The Black Sheep

Dear God

Dear God

Dear God,
I think the stapler is one of your greatest invention.

Dear God,
If you watch in church this Sunday I will show you my new shoes.

Dear God,
If you let the dinasor not exstinct we would not have a country.
You did the right thing.

The orthographic errors are not mine. They are “as-is” from the email I received. If you want it just ask me here and I’ll mail it to you.


Comments on: "Dear God" (2)

  1. dear god, if there’s someone like … say … a teacher that’s really getting on my nerves, can you please do something ’bout it??? she could eat rotten bread, or maybe choke with it, she could fall off the stairs, and she could do that in front of the whole school! lol whatever, apeteceu-me dizer isto

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