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DB2 Express C for Mac

I attended a conference by Vítor Rodrigues on DB2 pureXML approach on University of Minho last Wednesday. I was quite please to see that DB2 Express C was available for free and that, as far as I’m concerned, all features where available. You might not know this but most of my colleagues use Mac, so the main downfall for the presentation was the fact that no Mac version was available. Well, according to Antonio Cangiano that about to change. IBM is working on some beta version of DB2 for Mac, and it’s not just the client. It’s the whole thing. You can check for details here.

Another thing worthy of mention, the post Cangiano made about Haskell. It’s called Haskell Eye for the Ruby Guy and, in a certain way, represents that topic introduced here some days ago. Definitely worth the time you will spend reading it.

The ever growing software complexity requires the power of high level abstractions and the functional paradigm which helps us adopt a more declarative programming style where the side effects are marginalized.


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