nunojob:~ dscape/08$ echo The Black Sheep

It’s been a while since the last time I watched this video. Watching it helped me see how obstacles can be useful to achieve what you expect from life. I can relate to Jobs little tail in many aspects and just feel thrilled that he pulled it off.

In our daily life, all factors seem to force us to settle. Everyday we hear people saying, judging, that we shouldn’t look for so much. Settle for a decent paid job, settle for a decent wife. But you will never excel if you are not doing what you enjoy. That isn’t simply what you are.

The higher you get, the higher the fall right?

Wrong! There’s no thrill in the ride if we can’t get to all the high places. Falling is just another part of life, deal with it. Learn with it! Do not, under any circumstances, live by it.


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