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Microsoft Surface

I quite like the concept of Microsoft Surface.

Yes, FTIR is not good for the purpose it’s being used, but still the idea is cool and soon enough we will have small multi-touch devices (with other techniques that don’t involve a huge table).

It’s easy to criticize technology when it’s still near it raw form. But the user interfaces we use are becoming too old for our needs and we should be happy that Perceptive Pixel changed the way the market is opened to new alternatives. If you like user interfaces, like I do, just visit Natural User Interfaces Group.

Oh, and just because I think all of this things it doesn’t mean I don’t think the following video is funny. It is! :P


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  1. That parody is great. It is true in a sense, but I think from a commercial standpoint the adoption if this technology will improve our consumer experience. A device will have its place for sure.

    I finally got to play around with one of these in person. I was impressed by how accurately it detected input from multiple users.

    While a large number of the apps are only for technology demonstration purposes, it is easy to see how this could indeed become a ubiquitous appliance in many commercial settings. Maybe we’ll see initial adoption by the end of this year? (2008)

    Here are some videos from units on display at MIX 08 including a Snow Board Customization App.

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