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Last Monday I attended an job interview at Critical Software. Had some troubles finding tecmaia facilities and got there 30 minutes late! (I know, need a GPS)

They started the interview with some general questions about my background and the work I did at Mobicomp. Then a more technical part, where I was to respond (like if it was an exam) to some questions about object-oriented design, database, Threading, Linux, C++, XML, UML, mySQL. Then a final part of the interview was reached, where my psychological strengths were measured, and I was able to speak for myself and tell them what I like to do.

This is the second interview I’d been in since summer break, the first was at, but that one did not went so well. It’s a shame, as I feel I would be a very good addition to that team. I know the responsibility was not entirely mine, as the interview was very bad. Had no structure, they didn’t take a single note about what I said, they didn’t have a script to follow. I could continue this list as I feel strongly disappointed with them. Don’t get me wrong what they do is cool, but the recruiting process is not.


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  1. João Barbosa said:

    It’s sad you feel that way, but each company has it’s own values. You shouldn’t compare recruitment between companies. Also, that kind of recruitment is, by itself, a hard test for applicants, and they should try to impress and not criticize.

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